Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the Director

Carolyn came to help today and we started entering the books from the small RBHS library into the database in PastPerfect. Doesn't she look happy? There are alot of questions to be answered: what type of books should be accepted? What about books that have already been donated? What about books written by residents of RB? Do we have space for all of these?

I am now calling the temporary museum a dust bowl. Yes, because there is so much dust everywhere. We constantly are wiping down the desk and the shelves and the boxes. After so much time has elapsed since the fires of 07, we are still finding traces of soot.

Please mark your calendars for July 7th. That's when the Poway City Council is going to approve the building permit for the museum. The meeting is in the evening.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

From the Director

Today while inventorying the collections, we found these two Rancho Bernardo Christmas cards. They date from the 60s. We would very much like to know who designed the cards and any information about the artist (s).
The card at the top depicts the lighted olive trees. The other card is a panoramic fold out. You see only half of it here. Don't these hills look lovely?
Please contact us if you have information.

From the Director

Photo by Oscar Teel

Last night this was the site of the post Pancake Festival Thank You Party. Volunteers sat in front of the temporary museum, celebrated the recent fundraising successes, and enjoyed the beautiful evening weather. One aspect of the site was different. Do you see the two lamp posts? Thanks to Volunteer Oscar Teel, the lights are now electrified, a difficult task. The lights were originally in front of of the Rancho Bernardo Anthony's restaurant. When the theme and decor of that establishment changed to the current Asian Pearl, the lights were discarded. They have been landmark artifacts with us for over two years and will reappear this fall in front of the new museum building. Thanks, Oscar, for your efforts and time you put in to this project.