Wednesday, February 13, 2008

From the Director

After Saturday's incredible groundbreaking ceremony, it's back to business today.

The Design Review Team met this afternoon to talk about the interior of the museum building. When asked to speculate what they would like visitors to be thinking as they leave the RB History Museum, the team came up with these "take away" messages:

History is Fun.

I need to bring my family to see this.

It is very well planned and organized.

I never knew RB had so much history!

A great place for education, history and fun.

We reviewed the draft presentation prepared by 760 Design and the important elements of the Bernardo Store, the stagecoach, the mannequin, the exhibit cabinet.

Flooring samples were reviewed and discussed. Factors for consideration were: noise control, ease of accomodating a school group, durability, presenting a welcoming warm feeling to the museum, ease of maintenance.

Floor tiles for the storage area were an easy choice.

A local flooring company is going to be asked about an in-kind donation.


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