Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From the Director

The organization of Building L, also known as the Vineyard Room, but now the RB History Museum, is going slowly but surely. Today Peggy, Marge, Carolyn and I worked on getting the first books onto the library shelves. One shelf is devoted to our new library focusing on preservation, one shelf is a complete collection of RB Directories, on shelf contains SDHS Journals and our small group of local cookbooks. Oh, one shelf is a complete set of Bernardo Brandings which will be a favorite for our visitors. Soon, the rest of the books will be organized.
The boxes are gradually being placed on the shelving. This time we are thinking of arranging the boxes by types: photographs, artifacts, Symphony on the Green, etc.
All of the bound news publications are get to be moved to the storage area.
We hope to be open to the public around mid-November. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via the website.

Monday, October 12, 2009

From the Director

How many people have moved a museum in a day? We have. Thanks to Jane, Karen, Peggy, Yolanda, Tom, Janet, RJ, Keith, Anthony, Don, Andy and Nancy. We did it! We are all moved into Building L. Now to sort out the shelving and how everything is to be stored and displayed.
The room is still great. Everyone who has come in is amazed at the space.

The Bernardo Winery Craft Faire will be this weekend but we will not be open. So sorry, there was not enough time.

Check back soon as the blogs will be continuing more often.

See what is happening in the RB History Museum. We will be up and running soon!

It's been a great day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

From the Director

Today was the very successful Antique Appraisal Faire at the Bernardo Winery in the newly refurbished Vineyard Room. There were so many unique items brought in by those who made appointments and also walk in visitors who saw the signs on Paseo del Verano. The most popular appraiser was Paul, featured above, who specialized in fine painting and furniture. There was indeed a variety of artwork and also chairs that were carefully studied before a verbal appraisal was made.

Many asked if this event would be repeated soon. If all goes well, this event will happen again with the appraisers in the spring.

Jane Harmon was the organizer of the event. Thanks, Jane.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

From the Director

Janet Atkin with brush in hand

Up, Up and Away! The lease is signed, the carpet cleaned, and today Carolyn's Paint Posse started in on Building L, also known as the Vineyard Room. Taped, primed, and painted, the floor and walls of this building are slowly being changed into the RB History Museum. These are exciting times.

Tomorrow tables and chairs will arrive in anticipation of the Antique Faire on Saturday.

The BIG MOVE is scheduled for Monday, the 12th. If you are reading this and would like to volunteer, please meet in the upper parking lot at 10 am on Monday.