Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Director's Corner

This music score was recently donated to the RBHS historical society. The title is especially significant. On July 7th, the Poway City Council denied approval of the building permit for the permanent history museum. The legal title of the Bernardo Winery must first be established. So after many years of fundraising and planning, the dream is once again put on hold.
The summer heat has arrived in Rancho Bernardo. This morning we arrived at the temporary museum at 9 am but we had to leave before 10. I am concerned not only about the volunteers but also about the photographs, publications and other archives that are being affected in temperatures which probably reached 110 degrees in that container building today.
If you have any information about Jack Fulton or Paul Creston, both noted musicians connected to Rancho Bernardo, please contact us.


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