Monday, May 05, 2008

From the Director

This last week I have been working from my home, transcribing an oral history of Rancho Bernardo. This tape dated from November 1982. It was an interview by Al Deahl with Ross Rizzo, owner of the Bernardo Winery, and Bert Ball, then president of the RB Chamber of Commerce. Transcribing tapes is always challenging and interesting. Typing the words of those prominent people who have recorded their memories draws us back in time and helps to recapture the eras that we often long for. For esample, Ross Rizzo talked about the methods of trellising the grape vines and those benefits. Bert Ball talked about Harry Summers' original vision of Rancho Bernardo and his own thoughts about the possible future of planned communities. On this tape, both Ross Rizzo and Bert Ball had strong visions of the future.
I am privileged to have known both of them and listening to their voices on tape makes my conviction to the preservation of the community even stronger.


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