Friday, May 09, 2008

From the Director

Poway High School student Natasha Kleit has been volunteering at the museum since last fall. She will present her senior project in Power Point format to a PHS panel later this month. Her goal is to be a museum curator, and she will be attending San Jose State University to pursue a major in art history. She began by "shadowing" the director and learning about the management of a very small museum; she attended the groundbreaking for the permanent museum, and today she installed her history panel which you see above. She was interested in the era of the Bernardo store and chose to research Patrick Graham, one of the early storekeepers. She went through all the steps of researching, budgeting, and designing of the panel, and the end product was excellent. I have been very fortunante to know this student and wish her the best in her future career. The RBHS thanks you, Natasha!


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